Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Lopez Report

Liam's Self-Portrait of the Lopez Island Fun Run T-Shirt

What a fabulous place! This is the view from the front deck of the house we stayed in. The beach was just a few yards away.

We had a marvelous time in a beautiful house (how the owners can stand not being there 365 days a year is beyond me!), with all kinds of weather: warm and sunny, drizzly island weather, a HUGE thunder/lightning storm right over our house, cold enough to need a fire and just plain ole Pacific NW weather.

We beachcombed of course, finding many wonderful rocks (Liam is the skipping champ, with 10 skips on the perfect 'skipper rock' I gave him), shells, beach glass, kelp and more. We dug in the sand, we built forts, we played with the kids down the beach, and so much more. Lorraine kept us all well fed with her gourmet cooking and faboo bread from Holly B's Bakery in the village. We had a fun time on the 4th. Lorraine, Mikey (in stroller), Liam and RJ ran in the fun run while Al and I sensibly went to the Library Book Sale, then Alex and RJ rode their bikes in the island parade and Liam was in charge of scooping up all the candy thrown by the paraders:

Michael and Mama held our place on the sidelines and enjoyed all the action:

There was a great fireworks display to top off the festivities.

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