Friday, July 18, 2008

Favorite Ride!

We all agreed that the "Thunder Canyon" ride is the most fun at the park, especially on a hot day (you are guaranteed to get wet on this ride). 8 people are loaded into a round boat and you head down the rapids, spinning and getting swamped by river water the whole way. A blast!

Waiting in line, the twins indulge in a little pre-ride jitters.

Liam is the first to feel the not super warm water.

Alex takes a big wave on and loses.

Definitely a fun ride! Esp. when the other guys are getting soaked.

RJ gets creamed by a waterfall.
As soon as we got off, we had to get right back in line and go again!


Cara said...

that is the only type of ride i would go on!! it looks like everyone had a blast

Cara said...

oh forgot to mention that i finally got around to reading the bouble bind. f'ing great book!

Laurie said...

what an ending huh!? And we wished you were with us (you'd go on the bumper cars too!)

Cara said...

i NEVER saw it coming.

Unknown said...

What is this book? I need to read it. Love the pic of Alex getting nailed with the wave.

Laurie said...

me either! I had to read the last part AGAIN, cuz I was so shocked. It's by Chris Bohjalian (sp?) and it's called "Double Bind". AMAZING BOOK.