Saturday, January 5, 2008

We Heart LA!

We are here in beautiful Marina del Rey, and Katie's apt. is all set up. I have some photos, but they'll have to wait till I'm home to download them. Meantime, the highlights:
Her apartment is very nice, a one bedroom very close to the beach (allegedly all you gotta do is cut between the Ralphs and the building next to it and you are there), and just up the road from Venice. Hopefully, the weather will be a bit nicer tomorrow so we can walk there before I have to go.
Woot Woot, she's right across the street from a Starbucks, and within walking distance of Costco!
Driving to work may be a bit of a nightmare for poor KT, rumor has it the freeway over to Cedars Sinai is really awful. But she's already whizzing thru LA traffic like a native, so it should be no prob.
She has a tiny little balcony which looks out toward the beach (not that you can SEE the beach or anything). She'll have to get a little plastic chair so she can enjoy the great outdoors.
That's about all for now, we've gotten everything unpacked and we're going to cook her first dinner in her new digs (if we can figure out how to cook without using the stove, since it doesn't seem to be working.)


Katie said...

Mom, thanks for being my road-trip buddy, I couldn't have done it without you! Folks, this gal is a super-unpacker, and put up with a Costco trip on a Saturday afternoon! Of course, as payment I did go to 1 thrift store with her! :)

Sue said...

only 1!!! congrats to both of you - what an adventure!!

Meg said...

Hooray! How long will you be there Kate? 3months? And get the scoop on Brit would ya...and I had to listen to Star Jones make up some news about her today, but nothing's more accurate than the words of a nurse who actually works there! Okay, so I'll pray she gets some mild cancer and needs outpatient chemo...but try to get on the crazy ward in the meantime.

Sue said...

meg - my thoughts exactly!

Laurie said...

Katie is in training all week, which means she should have plenty of free time to find out the real scoop on Brit Brit (who I'm sure will be back in the nuthatch anytime)