Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quiet Saturday!

Mostly involved napping...ahhhh.

On the knitting front, I'm struggling to finish the sample sweater I started a while ago. May I say it's probably the MOST BORING project ever. And it's taking forever too! My designer seemed to think I'd have 4 of these (on size 2 needles mind you) finished by the end of the month. NOT. I'll be lucky to get this one finished. Fortunately, he's found other knitters for the remaining samples so I'm only on the hook for this one (since I cashed his check ;-) I am reminded why I hate knitting on a deadline. I want to enjoy the work, not suffer! So no more contract knitting, back to fun stuff for my babies!

I did manage to catch a couple of completely trashy TV shows:

This HBO 'documentary' included JFK, OJ Simpson and more! super trashy!
Plus "Beatles' Wives" a real trip down memory lane. How I wanted to be married to George! Well, after seeing this show, maybe I was better off without the 'quiet Beatle' lol.
Steve's office is having a party tonight, bowling with a gang of 20 somethings plus us old farts. Since it's from 9:30-11:30, I think we'll pass. Here's a clue as to how old I am, when Steve told me what time the party was, I said, "AT NIGHT???!!!"


Meg said...

Lavs, I would have asked the same thing...that's crazy late! Wish I would have seen the documentary, nothing like a good dead body and all the gory details.

Laurie said...

oh yeah, there was plenty of gore and close ups etc. and thanks for validating my horror at having to go out at such a 'late hour'

Unknown said...

Megs, I do believe you are a big fat liar. After all, we're talking a party here. There is no way you would pass on a fun time at 9:30 pm...clearly this is the case after seeing all your party pictures.