Sunday, January 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My flight finally arrived in Spokane an hour and a half late (nice job Southwest). It's good to be home, though to be frank, I miss LA. I really liked it in So Cal, which surprises me! I promised Katie I'd visit soon, so am already trying to figure out when I'll have a few days to visit.
The flight was uneventful, but jeezus the line at LAX was unbelievable. It took over an hour to make it through check in, baggage drop off and security. I loved it when a bearded fat guy snuck in line in front of me, and the two guys behind me ratted him out. He pretended not to know he had jumped the ginormous line. We weren't buying it.Spotted no celebs at the air-
port, but then again, any celeb worth his/her salt would NOT have been caught dead standing in that line.
It's cold and a little snowy here, I'm going to have to accustom myself to real winter weather again. It doesn't appear that Steve and Rotch moved a single thing while I was gone (including the Xmas tree or various piles of crap) See what happens when Mama leaves town ;-)
I had a great time with Katie, we actually ventured to the beach at Venice this morning and had a nice lunch. She was such a good sport, even took me to 5 thrift stores this morning (lucky for her 4 of them were closed) I miss my little Katie Cat soooo much, but I know she is going to enjoy her LA adventure.


Meg said...

Good for nothings!

Sue said...

why are you surprised you liked so-cal?? after all, you were the one born in san diego! it's in your blood!

Laurie said...

I don't know, I just thought I'd hate all the traffic, people, etc. But I guess I am a Californian at heart (esp now that it's snowing like mad here)