Friday, January 18, 2008

Library Fun!

The boys and I took a field trip to the library yesterday and learned a little bit about China. They had a story time, then made Chinese Dragons. Alex suggested that all the kids parade with their dragons around the library, which they did to everyone's enjoyment.

Liam pauses during Craft Time to give us a smile.

Riveria displaying excellent coloring skills. No 'outside the lines' for this guy!

Alex holds up his completed dragon. Very fierce!

Of course, Mikey was not about to be left out. He is a very good colorer! Of course, he prefers permanent markers, but settles for Crayolas...


Meg said...

I love how serious they all are. Even Liam with his barely smile, you can tell that he's annoyed you are disturbing an artist at work.

Laurie said...

exactly, they worship their crafts! And don't bug them while they are in the creative process. We made paper airplanes, paper hats, and paper boats from "The Dangerous Book for Boys" the other day, it was much fun. I didn't show them the water bombs (yet)