Thursday, January 3, 2008

Road Trip!

Sorry no pix but here's the Spokane to LA Road Trip 08 update:

DAY 1:

  • Knitting Project? Check
  • Backup Knitting Project? Check
  • Every possible knitting gadget I might need? Check
  • List of every thrift store and yarn shop en route? Check
  • Starbucks grande brewed coffee w cream? Check

Team Plack is ready to roll!

Team Meowfoy:

  • Ipod? Check
  • 2500 tunes uploaded to Ipod? check
  • All 28 podcasts from the Ricky Gervais Show? Check
  • Lots of cute, coordinated outfits and shoes? Check
  • Starbucks grande nonfat caramel frappuchino, no whipped cream, or some drink I couldn't possibly order because it's too complicated? Check

Team Meowfoy is ready to roll!

And we're off! With the immortal thoughts of Karl Pilkington as our companion, we hit the road Wednesday morning, bound for the City of Angels. Somehow Lavs has driven all the legs with really crap weather (pouring rain in Oregon, heavy snow and high winds around Mount Shasta), but "Cherry" the Trail Blazer handles it all with no prob, and looks good too.

Tonight we made it to Sacramento, and Katie was able to obtain her Cali. nursing license before the office closed. So now she's legal for duty come Monday morning. We're tucked up in our Holiday Inn Express beds (with GOOD pillows, unlike the ones they normally use in caskets that were offered at the Travelodge in Grants Pass last night).

We treated ourselves to a movie since we've managed to stay on schedule thus far. "Atonement" which was excellent, if not exactly a feel good story...

We also made a stop this morning in Ashland to visit the Websters, a faboo yarn store. Katie bought some super cuddly kid mohair to make her stole, and I got a pair of Addi lace knitting needles for my hideous sweater project. They were well worth the $16.00, the sharp points make lace knitting so much easier and faster.

We plan to hit the big city tomorrow afternoon, and can get into Katie's apt. on Saturday. Will report on whether Marina del Rey is as ritzy as it sounds...


Katie said...

it's a "caramel frappucino light." simple. :) and delicious.

Sue said...

You guys are hauling! What a fun time - and Katie - when you get to the hospital - see if Britters is still there y'all

Laurie said...

she refuses to sneak into the crazy wing. what a waste of a nursing degree

Sue said...

well, that's just plain cwazy - how else will we get first hand reports?? sheesh!

Unknown said...

How's LA? I think you both should be there and moving KT in by now! Yeah, I'm so excited for you. KT I went to weigh in and only gained 3.8 over Christmas vacation. I'm not sure how that happened, but hurray. Find yourself a meeting and check in sister. Have fun on your first day of work!

Cara said...

i have to tell you that when mom mentioned "Cherry" the trailblazer it made me think of Punky Brewster. wasn't her BFF named Cherry?

Unknown said...

OMG that's funny Cara. I think that you are right. She was. When are the Vegas dates by the way? I'm trying to figure out if I can join you. But if you guys bail, I'm going to be pissed because you know that I don't really like Vegas.

Sue said...

thank baby jebus that dr phil has stepped in to save britters if katie won't. is it all too fabu down there?? when can kookoo and noodle and i come to see you???

Laurie said...

how the hell did Dr Phil weasel into the brit brit situation? Geez, what a tool. And it is so fab here, everyone needs to schedule a visit with Katie.

Katie said...

Don't call my car "Cherry" i hate when people name their cars - and yes, Cara, i believe you are correct on the Punky Brewster fact. :) You are all welcome any time! Other than having no cable, i am pretty settled!

Laurie said...

your car LOVES the name Cherry. You are a mean girl not to give her a name. Boo

Meg said...

B-Z's Davis' drink is a tall, non-fat, no water, 4 pump Chai Tea Latte...and you thought Kate's was hard. You should see my dad panic everytime he pulls up to the drive thru and has to order. And you all know the panic face I'm talking about! Cute blog L.

Laurie said...

lol I can just see Bob D. going into freak out mode!