Saturday, January 19, 2008

A REAL Time Waster!

Knitters (and crocheters) of the world, be sure to check out Ravelry! It's been described as "Facebook for knitters", and you can spend hours and hours playing around on this site. Ask me, I have been browsing here all week...

You can organize your stash, your pattern library, your books, your needles, keep a record of your WIPs and your FOs, and best of all, check out what others have done with their yarn, patterns and more. I've been adding so many cool patterns to my 'favorites' list that I'm pretty sure I will need to live about a thousand years to get around to all of them.

There are also tons of special interest groups (I Knit with The Office, Nordic Knitters, Aran Knitters, Eastern Washington Knitters, Seattle Knitters and many many more) and also very active forums.

I'm lavs on Ravelry if you want to add me to your 'friends' list.

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nickyjo said...

Hi Laurie, I checked you out on Ravelry and you have a lot of really nice work. I'm also on Ravelry. My screen name is nickyjo. I have another aran posted with pics. It's one I made for the son that modeled my husband's aran that I had sent the pics to you. I finally figured out how to get my pics posted on Ravelry yesterday, so they are finally up. Have a really Blessed Day! Nicky Jo Herner