Saturday, September 3, 2011

VA Day 5

We were out and about  today:

We took Walt and Lois to the groomer's for a day of beauty, and Cara's car to the tire store.  Then we hit the road to Old Town Fredericksburg.  Found a couple of thrift stores and Car got into the thrill of the hunt while helping me find items for my store.  Sadly, the knitters & crocheters of F-burg are not donating to their local charity shops, but we managed to find a few treasures.

We walked around Old Town, which still has many Revolutionary to Civil War era buildings.  We found the Soldier's Life Museum, which is now pretty much a cheesy gift store.  Had coffee at a nice place, discovered the good yarn store in town is gone (boo) and just wandered around.  Oh, Cara decided it was time for a new wallet, and we were just passing by the Vera Bradley shop.  LOVE.  Tony bought me this adorbs bag for my birthday:
So cute!  And it will work as a knitting bag too.

We had more time to kill before picking up the pups, so we drove around on VA's pretty back roads.  Lots of battlefields: Chancellorsville, The Wilderness, and some others I can't remember.  It's eerie to pass by these places and know that huge battles were fought right there.  We thought maybe they were haunted...

Had lunch at Wegman's, which is a nice grocery chain here with a deli dept. kind of like Whole Foods.  Oh, we also bought shoes at DSW, which I'd never been in before.  I am finally retiring my Nikes that I've had for at least 6 years.  So I should have more spring in my step when I walk in my new sneakers.  Cara bought new work shoes; poor thing has to wear all black oxfords for work.   She might as well buy them at the Easy Spirit Store.

Tomorrow is my last day in VA.  No big plans yet, just may hang out with the kids and get enough of Fred & Irene to last me till my next visit.

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Katie said...

We need pics of the pups! And maybe one of the there of you before you leave! :) glad you are having a good visit, bummer it's already over.