Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Power of A Big Sister

Cara has the power of life and death over poor Tony.

I was chatting with her the other day and she mentioned she needed to get a hanger for the little panda bear I sent her, so she could hang it in her car.

Actually, the convo went more like this:

C: I got the the panda bear.  It's TINY!
Lavs: Yes it is a "Mochimochi" pattern, one of those crazy Japanese type knitting patterns for teeny little things like cheeseburgers, couches, etc.
C: Well, you didn't send me a hook so I could hang it up in my car!
Lavs: Um, sorry.  You could just make one out of a paperclip.
C: No, I am going to go to Joann's and get one.  I will make Pooh go with me!  He hates Joann's!
Lavs: It's kind of kryptonite for boys in that store.
C: I know!  LOLOL!  But he secretly kind of loves it when we get in there.  He always finds stuff to get.

Oh, Fred and Irene.  We have Joann's in Spokane too!  No need to worry you won't be able to do your crafts shopping when you come home!


Katie said...

love those two.

seriously, not even kidding, they need to MOVE HOME. NO Tennessee, no more VA, just get back here.

Sue said...


zaideafraidey said...

I am like a deer in headlights in that store. I have had strangers come up to me and say" you look like you need help" AND they are not employees because you never can find those people.

Laurie said...

oh Zaide, you kill me. You have bought enough kiddie crafts material to know your way around Joann's, I just KNOW it. But agreed, I have often seen shoppers with that panicky look. Usually they are men tho ";-)

Meg said...

Joann's is my kryptonite, so is Michaels. Have you ever seen me and my mom in a Michaels? We literally melt...and two hours later we find our way out...only to buy the ribbon that was $1 by the front door.

Cara said...

please dont get the impression that i am in anyway crafty, even though i love a craft store!

Cara said...

and zaide, you are right. you can NEVER find an actual store employee to help you. pooh always comments on that when we go to Joann's.

Laurie said...

how much do I love that Fred gets dragged to Joann's by Irene? Love it like 60!