Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some Pix

Katie suggested I might want to take some pictures while I'm here in VA.  These people are moving targets and have issued a "NO PHOTOS" warning.  But I'll do my best.

 Tony & Lavs at Mount Vernon.  Cara forbade any photos sorry.

Walt the Wonder Dog.  He is a Portly Gentleman, and wears his girth and white whiskers well.

Will try to sneak some more pix later today.  Pooh and I are the only ones up yet, not sure what our plans are for the day.  But I suspect they involve laying around watching sports blech.


Meg said...

I love feeling like we are on the trip with you. Keep posting! You're doing so good. Holla to the VA's.

Cara said...

we miss you all times a million, and having mom here makes me long for home more than ever!