Thursday, September 1, 2011

VA Day 3

More adventures!  We headed into Georgetown, which I LOVE.  Why can't I be super rich and live in an adorable G-town house? Why?  Our purpose there was so that Cara could get her iPhone fixed, so we had to go to the Apple Store.  HATE.  What a monument to smug yuppie consumerism.  That said, they did have a darling Kate Spade bag that I tried to talk Car into getting for her laptop.

After that we headed to the National Zoo, where we saw this:

Giant Pandas!  There is nothing cuter in the universe.  We spent a fair amount of time watching Mei Xiang and Tian Tian eat their meal of bamboo.  Adorbs.  I'm trying to talk Cara into becoming a zoo volunteer so she can sit  in the observation room for hours at a time and observe the pandas.

In my opinion, though this zoo has some work to do to match our beloved Woodland Park, it was pretty good.  There were some animal species I had never seen before.  And to our astonishment, Pooh is an absolute eagle-eye at finding elusive animals in the exhibits.  Without  him, I'd have seen NOTHING but tree stumps and the occasional squirrel.  This is an even more incredible talent when you know our boy, who (as Cara pointed out) goes blind in the least bit of sunlight.  Mr. photo-sensitive!

Tomorrow: Gettysburg!  Or estate sales!  Or both!


Katie said...

Good work Pooh! I am totes impressed! And I agree, pandas are 100% the cutest things ever. I could watch them s sleep all day! :)

Unknown said...

I agree mom, the National Zoo has nothing on Woodland Park Zoo. Luckily, when I take my students, they've mostly never been to a zoo so they don't know. Was the Elephant House finally open? And well done Tony. Pretty impressed with your spotting abilities.

Cara said...

no, elephant house is not supposed to be finished until 2012. and i am 100% obsessed with the giant pandas. im kicking myself that i didnt visit when they still had the cub at the zoo.