Friday, May 27, 2011

Where's My Cow? Without the Cow

I finished the little "mystery knitalong" onesie for Pia's friend's new baby girl.  Sammy Jo (her name is Samantha Jane but to me, she will always be Sammy Jo Carrington from "Dynasty".  Heather Locklear rules.) 

There are still lots of ends to weave in and buttons to sew on (presh orange polka dot buttons), but Pia is going to do that part on her way to Portland to meet SJ.  There is supposed to be an embroidered cow on the front, but we both think it's a giant fugly cow head (it looks like Elsie the Cow from the old Borden ads), so we decided to leave that off.

Get piccies of little Sammy Jo Carrington Larrat in her new onesie, P!


Sara Miller said...

cuteness like this almost inspires my to procreate...and i'm terrified of those little buggers, so this must be REALLY adorable. Whose blog do I need to stalk to see this on the runway this fall??!!

zaideafraidey said...

yes, pictures.

Lis said...

Very very adorable. Love the purple and orange

Laurie said...

Sarah, you should totes have a baby, it would be SO cute. And then your mom would have to move to SD (or I would!)