Friday, November 13, 2009

Fave Blog by Someone Who is Not Related to Me

OMG! I just discovered that my fave Project Runway Designer, Chris March, is blogging about this season's PR designers! TDF!!! Here's what he has to say about that beyotch Irina: Irina lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (where else would her ego fit right in?) with the gayest poodle on Earth, Princess. Gayer than Clay Aiken’s poodle, gayer than Elton John’s poodle, even gayer than Tom Cruise’s poodle. Gayest. Poodle. Ever.



Katie said...


So excited to go back and read all his stuff!!!

Lis said...

I have never watched that show. Kip would shoot me. Will def have to check out the blog. Always in need of new stalking subjects ;-)