Wednesday, November 4, 2009

THE Car Convo

This is the one I've been dreading:

Riveria: I heard someone talking about S-E-X. Do you know what that is?

Everyone else: giggle giggle.

Lavs: That's how babies get made.

Liam: How DO babies get made?

Lavs: You'll have to ask your mom.

RJ: Babies come out of girl's weiners!

Everyone: Harharhar!

Lavs: Um, girls don't have weiners...

Liam: It's called the CROTCH.

Mikey: I have a weiner!

Everyone: weiner! weiner! weiner!


Katie said...

haha LOVE this convo! :) just please, for the love of god, don't let Jon explain it to em.

Laurie said...

the horror of that lol.

Cara said...

why didnt i get to hear any of these wonderful convos when i was home?!?!?!

Laurie said...

they only happen during long car rides when everyone is not trying to kill each other.

Unknown said...

I can't help it, I'm picturing the Sliver conversation. Any way you slice it, that would be hilarious to listen to.

Meg said...

You made my day...any blog entry that involves the word CROTCH is a hands-down winner! Thanks:).

Lis said...

Apparently we were on the same page the other day! Hilarious convo

Laurie said...

Jon claims total credit for 'weiner' and 'crotch'. Plus some other words we haven't discussed yet :-)