Friday, September 25, 2009

School Shoes!

Who doesn't love a new pair of school shoes!? I have very fond memories of our grandmother (Toddie) taking us to Frederick & Nelson for new saddle shoes, a new dress and a big ole slip for school, then lunch in the Paul Bunyan Room (tuna on health bread and a chocolate shake. I'd give a million bucks to eat at the PBR again)

Anyhoo, the twins got some fancy new sneaks. Can you guess whose feet are shod in the practical Velcros and who got the uber-fancy Air Jordans with patent leather?

If you know our twinnies, you have guessed that Alex is the fancy pants and Liam went with the 'easy on' Velcros. Amazingly, Alex has now remembered how to tie his own shoes and can get those babies on lickety split.

Mikey was dying for a pair of light-up sneaks, but they didn't have his size. Major meltdown in Children's Shoes @ Nordy's :-) The next morning, I was getting his old shoes on and he told me "Wowe, ouch, my feet hurt weally weally bad. I need some new shoes." Faker, but you gotta admire his love of the Nordy's shoe dept.


Cara said...

gosh i always loved back to school shopping! love the new kicks!!!

Laurie said...

isn't BTSS the BEST!? You would not believe how humongous the twins' feet are Cara.

Cara said...

they look huge in the pics! glad to see they still have the love of the jordans!

Meg said...

I love how different these two twinnies are, pretty darn cute! Nothing better than back to school duds...NOTHING!

Laurie said...

are you just dying to buy Hads school clothes? I would be.