Sunday, September 27, 2009

Camping Fun

Steve & I just got back from camping with Lorraine, Jon and the boys. We went to Swan Lake way up by Republic (up near Canadian border), and boy was it beautiful! It's not a big lake, but it's very pretty. No jet skis or motor boats are allowed, so it was blissfully quiet.

This was the annual Mountain Bike Festival weekend, so there were a fair number of bikers there. Mikey won first prize in the kid's obstacle course! He could have chosen a new bike helmet (to replace the batting helmet he's currently wearing) and lots of other cool prizes, but he picked a light up suction cup ball (prolly from the Dollar Store). He seems happy with it tho.

The twins learned to kayak so they spent the entire weekend out on the water, two little Huck Finns. Did a little fishing but no luck. This morning Liam, Mikey and I went out in a canoe, which was a lot of fun and very relaxing. Alex stuck with the kayak.

I would def. camp here again; it's a long drive from Spokane but well worth it.


Katie said...

sounds like you guys had lots of fun! yay!

Lis said...

sounds like fun. why pick anything practical like a helmet?

Laurie said...

exactly, Mikey knows his mom can buy him a helmet, why waste a prize on something like that.