Friday, May 8, 2009

A Day In The Life

My days are spent taking care of the four cutest, goofiest, wildest 'tough nut scrumpies' (if you don't know what this expression means, just look at their faces, that should explain it all) in this world, and possibly in other worlds as well. Here are a few pictures from a typical day with Nanny Lavs 'McPhee':
Mikey found the old "Boppy" and decided to play precious baby for a while. Fake sleeper!

Mikey and I went down to the brand spankin' new YMCA and went swimming. While you will not see any pictures of Lavs in her swimsuit for quite a few more pounds, here's Mikey the fearless waterbug. They have a fun 'baby pool' with all kinds of toys, splashy stuff, a slide etc. He would have happily stayed in there until he turned into a tiny blue prune.

The twins never met a piece of furniture they couldn't use as a gymnastics apparatus. Here's Alex hanging from the top bunk, while Liam waits his turn to execute the tricky 'Bunk' move (squeeze in between the bunk and the wall, then hang upside down --follow with a daring flip off the top bunk and finish with a hanging back flip off the rails under the top bunk mattress). Cirque de Soleil has nothing on these two.

And here are the four men intently studying the laptop, giving lots of advice on how to win at "Inkball".


Katie said...

cute pics! that is exciting that the new Y is open already.... nice to be a bit closer than going all the way to the Valley.

Unknown said...

Great pics. But just warn the boys, the bunk bed is all fun and games until the top bunk collapses on the bottom bunk while people are sleeping...just ask Cara.

Laurie said...

lol, I remember that Pia! This one is not in much danger of collapsing tho, not quite as bockety as our bunks. And the new Y is fab, and much closer than the Valley!

Cara said...

i do remember that peeps!!