Thursday, May 14, 2009

Leave It To B-Z!

A day late, but happy birthday to my beloved little sister The B. That's her down on the right with the blond hair (and we still have those same legs, don't we?).
Here are some random observations about the B:
1. She has long been known as 'Beaner Cleaner' and if you know The B, you know that is a PERFECT nickname (on top of her nickname B-Z, which is also perfect). She could have made millions just cleaning people's houses and keeping them organized.
2. But instead, The B opted for lifetime employment at Ostrom's Drugs in Kenmore. She started there in high school (not going to say how many years ago, but I believe they were still delivering drugs by horse and wagon lol) She is the heart and soul of the store, and when she retires, they're just going to have close the store.
3. She's always been a good athlete, which made me envious to no end when we were kids. She could ride a bike, ride a horse, do backward somersaults and probably even cartwheels, plus skied like a mad woman. None of which I could (or can) do.
4. The B used to collect pigs. She had some good ones and a lot of crappy ones. She quit thank God. Of course, that makes gift buying for her a tad more tricky.
5. I was a pretty mean big sister; when my best friend and I played Barbies, The B either got locked out of Susan's bedroom or if we HAD to let her in (she was a major tattletale), then she had to be Ken, Midge or the dog. I also hit her on the head with my arm (which was in a plaster cast at the time), with a wooden tennis racket, and I believe with an apple thrown full force (see #3 above, and you'll know she didn't get hurt all THAT bad). However, in my defense, I'm sure she deserved all of the hitting.
6. The B always inspired my imagination. Not only were we the creators and co-editors of the late lamented newspaper "Bits O' Fairy Business", but I created the timeless duo of "Beetsie and Braid" just for her. I think Beetsie was the good girl and Braid was the brat.
Anyway, I hope your day was full of fun and presents! Maybe I will make up a new Beetsie and Braid story and mail it to you for your BD :-) Love you!


Katie said...

H.B.T.M.F.A. Y.A.T.B.!!!

(that is Happy birthday to my favorite aunt. You are the best. Translation is only for those not cool enough to write in code - aka everyone but me and B)

zaideafraidey said...

Oh L-Dine,
what good memories and some surprises. I had forgotten all about Beetsie and Braid and could think of NOTHING better than any kind of installment. Did you mean I was a mean "little" sister? Funny the things you admired about me, I can think of a whole host of ones about you that I was jealous of, especially how you rocked the Beatles cap in the day.

zaideafraidey said...

so true Katie. She used to send me whole letters of "initials" when we were in our pen pal phase. Half the time I just told her I knew what she was writing!! I guess at a certain age you either do that or that annoying "circle" for dotting your i's.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday aunt BZ. I was just thinking about how many of my childhood memories include you (Kip ruining Star Wars, wooden spoons, playing at the Everett house, tuna melts, trick-or-treating, Christmas Caroling...the list is endless). Thanks for being such an amazing aunt! Love you!

Laurie said...

or the heart "I dot". And Katie, I knew EXACTLY what your message said lol. B, I don't think you were a mean little sis, just annoying (kidding)! Doesn't every older sib think that about the younger one? Of course, one didn't want to get you mad, or one's Barbie's boobs would suffer.

Meg said...

Oh Lavs, this is so sweet. The B has always been jealous of me. Love that you called her a 'major tattletale' and love that you hit her with all things imaginable. Maybe this is where Hadley gets it, her great Auntie Lavs?! Such a sweet birthday tribute which I know added to her already GRAND day!
And Kate, I soooooo remember those letters and also faked that i knew what they said, but only because I was jealous and wanted my mom to love me as much as she loved you. Figured all it took was deciphering your code words. Also dotted my 'i's with circles...puke. No wonder she liked you better.

Katie said...

oh no, Megs - i totally did the "I dot" too, no worries. besides, B was the only one who liked me in that house, the rest of the time i was just hoping you guys and Car and P would pay some attention to me LOL

Laurie said...

Meg, I'm sure Hads gets her hitting tendencies from her auntie Lavs. Annoying sister = smack. Annoying mama/daughter of annoying sister = smack.