Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Katie-Cat!

my baby girl is 28 today, I can't even believe it. Here she is in her beautiful babyhood with her big sissies.

And now in honor of my Katie, I present two tales from her childhood, both of which are indelibly imprinted on my memory:

Story #1: Katie was about 2 years old. I took La Bamba (the ginormous station wagon) full of kids somewhere, no one strapped into seatbelts of course, and everyone piled out when we got home. All the kids took off to play, and I went in the house unload groceries or something. After a half hour or so, I went out to gather up the tribe. NO KATIE. None of the kids had seen her since we got home (I assumed she went to play with them, since she tagged along with her sisters everywhere). None of the neighbors had seen her either. As you can imagine, I panicked. I had everyone looking all over the neighborhood, sure she had fallen into the ravine behind our house or been kidnapped. I finally called 911 in an absolute panic. The nice operator tried to calm me down, since I was about thisclose to breaking down in hysterical sobs. She walked me through what I had done that afternoon and when I said we had been in the car, she suggested I go check the car.

Sure enough, there was Katie, down in floor well covered with blankie, sound asleep. Thank god for 911.

Story #2: Again with the ginormous station wagon. Getting ready to go to the store, I put Katie and baby Tony in the car. I started the car, which was at the top of our steep driveway, and had no working emergency brake. Then I ran next door to tell my neighbor where I was going. As I stepped into her house, I heard this huge bang. That boy was a master at wiggling out of his car seat. He had gotten behind the wheel and put the car into drive (his father's child). It flew down the driveway and through the garage, pushing another car INTO our family room.

As I ran back to the car and opened the door, there was Tony smiling delightedly. Katie was standing next to him with her eyes as big as saucers. All she could say was "Bruddy Drove".

LOL, happy day Katie! Don't let Bruddy Drive you anywhere!


Katie said...

sadly i never did learn the lesson about being in the car with Bruddy alone, cuz i'm fairly certain he did that again with the Jag at grandma's house LOL... that boy. ;)

Meg said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Katie-cat! I think you are the all time funniest, cutest, wittiest, best nursiest, gal I know. I love ya like 60...and think you are bananas amazing!

zaideafraidey said...

happy bday Katie, have the funnest day ever.

zaideafraidey said...

ps. there is no good reason our children should be alive.

Laurie said...

seriously, they all should have died before we ever left Frontier Hts. I am firmly convinced K's thyroid cancer was caused by us living a block from the ginorm power lines, sorry Katie!

Lis said...

Happy Birthday! Hilarious stories. Can't believe the car thing happened TWICE.

Laurie said...

that speaks volumes about what a good mom I was :-0 And the Jag episode was just about as bad, the car (my expensive darling) was rolling backwards straight towards Chuck Robey's restored vintage convertible. Big T and Lavs have never moved faster!