Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dream Job...

For reals! This was in today's newspaper:
WSU Spokane Sleep and
Performance Research
Center. 14-day in-laboratory sleep research study, pays up to $2,235. Must be healthy, non-smoker, 22-40 years old, with normal
sleep schedule.

I'm out because 1. I'm old, and 2. my sleep schedule in no way qualifies as 'normal'. But I totally would do this if I could!


Barb Chamberlain said...


Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Although in the research, they see what happens to human performance when you're short of sleep, so it's not all just nap time :D.

You can learn more about our sleep research center at

I'm a fellow knitter (and napper).

Director of Communications & Public Affairs
WSU Spokane

Unknown said...

Wow mom, you have a fan who's in charge of the study. That's pretty exciting! Of course Barb, you can see the effects of that by watching any HS teacher during finals's not pretty ;)

Meg said...

Oh my gosh...Lavs, you're kind of famous and I'm kind of jealous! And my husband might be in love with 'bike-to-work' barb, so keep her on the down low.

Laurie said...

haha, I am trying to talk Katie into signing up. And Barb, all you gotta do is swing by my house (on your bike if you want) any night around 3:00 am and you can get all the data you need on sleep deprived menopausal women. Megs, I think Barb + Ry = sittin' in a tree...