Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our Busy Day

We are always busy busy busy! Here are some pictures of our Thursday doings:

We found curved sticks and used yarn to make bows. No arrows though! Here is the great hunter Michael taking aim at Wowo.

Mikey and I sat on the bench while the boys had their tae kwondo class. Boring! Mike thought we should take a pic of him 'sleeping'.

And doing his 'aaaarrrr' Talk Like A Pirate Day was last week, Mikey!

The twins are planning a haunted house down in the basement (only 29 days till Halloween peeps! the excitement is mounting!) Here's Liam with his decorating plan/map.


Meg said...

That map/plan look fool proof and the tiny arrrrgh is adorable. They are characters!

Laurie said...

totally! Hads should come on over for the big haunted house. Only 28 days to go (Alex has a countdown calendar in his bedroom)