Friday, October 24, 2008

Bring Em Home Campaign Week 4

This week's campaign to get Cara & Tony back home focuses on the vast superiority of the great state of Washington vs. the not-as great state of Virginia:

WA has Mount Rainier; VA has um some bumps on the horizon.

WA is shaped like a state ought to be; VA is shaped like an elf boot or something.

WA's flag features a dignified looking G-Wa. VA's flag has a lady with one bare boob stomping on a guy.
I rest my case.


Unknown said...

I love the "elf boot" comment. Who thinks of that when they see VA? I'm not sure I can totally agree with the flag though mom. I mean come on, a woman flattening a man is pretty dang sweet if you ask me. (Tony should maybe be scared of Virginian women though...)

Cara said...

you make good points, and there are no mountains here, although people here try to claim there are.

Lis said...

The state flag is hilarious!

zaideafraidey said...

little bumps and dead trees,
elf boot maybe but def not topography,
woman with one boob and a bad hat.
what are these people thinking, leave before you become one of them!!! If you can turn them to a blue state you can stay a bit longer

Katie said...

i totally laughed out loud at this... the lady stomping on the guy was too funny! We also can boast that we don't have creepy-ass bugs or humidity in the summer, we have 4 beautiful seasons, we are NOT neighbors with West Virginia (or DC for that matter)... I could probably keep going.

Meg said...

One bare shriveled, breast fed 100 children boob...and of course, I'm sure they were her brothers children (her niece/nephew-daughter/sons)...because before W.Virgina, Virginians did it with their siblings.