Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why Unfinished Projects are a Good Thing

Got a visit today from the hooligans. The twins are absolutely sure that I can knit ANYTHING they need/want, and they've been bugging me to knit 'a leaf' and 'a tree' for the dinosaurs I knit for them a while ago ("Laurie, Dino is getting HUNGRY"). Well, they asked again today and of course I hadn't knit any such thing.

Unfinished Project Bin to the rescue! I had knit and felted a Tiger Lily a few months ago (well more like a year ago), but never finished assembling it, and of course had lost the little finishing pieces along the way. What I had were two pieces: the stem with 3 orange petals, and 3 more orange petals that were supposed to be sewn onto the flower/stem. I found a stick out in the yard, poked it up through the stem, and voila! A rather prehistoric looking tree! The other piece became Dino Chow, and the boys were once again convinced I can indeed knit anything!

We also made blankets for the dinos (and tubes which we will call shirts because these are boy dinosaurs) using scraps of the silk I had left from lining the purse yesterday. The boys pressed the pedal on the sewing machine and I hemmed the blankies. Fancy schmancy blankies of silk!
There's nothing nicer than having two 6 year olds think you are amazing!

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