Monday, August 13, 2007

Everett Bound!

Daughter #3 Katie is visiting for a couple of days, and she says she has an assignment at Providence Hospital in Everett. Woot woot! That means she will not be far away from us during her next traveling nurse assignment. So if any fam want to offer her a place to shack up while she's in Everett, let her know.

I have some clear memories of Providence Hospital, that's where we took DD #1 Pia when she fell off her bike at age 7 or so, and got a concussion. A neighbor found her laying in the street thank god and brought her home, cuz she didn't know who she was or where she lived. Luckily, she had no 'permanent' damage (altho her post from Africa today saying she allowed a large snake to be draped around her neck is making me wonder...)
BTW this picture of Katie is from a few years ago, she is SO tan and SO skinny now I cannot believe it! Still the cute Katie Cat!


Sue said...

yay Katie! We also have fond memories of Providence - the detox unit anyway!

Meg said...

Katherine Ann we better see you! Call us when you get into town. Good luck at Prov, heard the physicians are least in the CCU (where you will not be).