Thursday, August 23, 2007


Daughter #1 Pia is finally stateside, if not quite back in Spokane (she's in DC visiting). Here's a picture of her doing something absolutely insane while she was in Africa. What were you thinking, Rotch!!!!

I had all 4 boys over yesterday (2 year old Michael, 6 yo twins Alex & Liam, and 8 yo big bro RJ), we had many outdoors adventures in the yard. The boys decided they wanted to help the neighbors, so they filled my garden cart with tools, and had me make a sign says "We will help you. We have 2 shovels and rakes". Unfortch, they had no takers. I offered them a buck each to rake my yard, but I guess it's more fun working at a stranger's house. Mikey was content to lay in the cart with a blankie and pillow and get pulled around, he was having nothing to do with any work detail.


Meg said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Fear #98 GIANT SNAKES! Pia Irene, I almost took out a roller blader once because a gartner snake slithered in front of my bike. Almost pulled an "Aunt Lowdie" and dive bombed...but was able to find the brake.

Sue said...

thanks pia - now i'll have snake dreams for weeks! and i don't get any sleep as it is! you bundle!

Laurie said...

The fear list is basically endless for us, isn't it?!