Friday, August 17, 2007

Some Things Never Change

My sister B-Z still delights in remembering what a completely inept bike rider I was as a child (you can get her hysterical just by mentioning the time I careened down Madrona Street with my feet flying off the pedals, through the Evans' rockery, over the Peterson's lawn, past our house, across the street, and smack into the side of a moving van parked in the Allen's driveway) Well, 40+ years have passed and I'm not actually a whole lot better at riding a bike.

The twins and I went out for a leisurely bike & scooter ride through the 'hood after dinner tonight. As leisurely as you can be with two little scooter bugs who fly down the road, with me constantly screaming "Stop at the corner!" "Watch for Cars!" "WAIT FOR ME!!!!") Anyway, all was going fine until one of them cut in front of me. Now you'd think the natural response would be to hit the brakes, but evidently I haven't learned much since the above mentioned incredibly humiliating incident from my childhood. While my mind was screaming "BRAKE! BRAKE! BRAKE YOU IDIOT!", my body was trying to maneuver out of the way and avoid creaming the child, an act of which I am completely incapable of successfully executing. Result: I ended up kind of trying to leap off my bike (I'm sure the kids up the street were absolutely rolling while watching Grandma Laurie try to do this), and chewing off a pretty considerable chunk of my leg on the chain. Limped home with a shoe full of blood and I should have several interesting scars.

After that, we decided to try something a little more non-mobile, and the twins made some cute crafts. These little guys worship the crafts activity, and we took a trip over to Joann's for something fun to make. They chose these beads that you put on a form, then melt with an iron. It kept them still and not fighting for an hour! I recommend it highly.

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