Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Contest Entry and some camping fun

I have once again allowed myself to get distracted from my projects at hand. Down goes the Kauni cardigan (it's pretty hot to hold in my lap right now anyways), thrown aside is the Touring Wrap, discarded is the felted Squirrel I haven't even told y'all about yet.

I'm going to knit "Kate" from Knitty for their calendar contest, and because it reminds me of my own little Katie-Cat. And because I just happen to have enough Lamb's Pride Worsted yarn in the stash to make her. And because I think she is very very cute.

The idea is to photograph your project in an interesting setting, so once she's done, I'll be scouting locations. I'm thinking the Rose Garden at Manito Park or maybe I'll go for something a bit funkier. Suggestions welcome!

We had some fun camping last weekend on beautiful Priest Lake. The boys got as grubby as little boys can possibly get, and we did a lot of swimming in the nice warm lake. Here are some pix of the campers:


Sue said...

I think I will make a series of the really ugly wigs in really bad colors - could be good!

Laurie said...

oh yeah that would be excellent!