Monday, August 27, 2007

Birthday Fun!

The twins turned 7, how time flies! Seems like yesterday they were running around in diapers and now they are grown up and tearing around on their scooters. We had

a nice party in Mom's backyard, with family and friends. The boys were very gracious, even letting Mikey help open some presents. And they were very good about remembering their 'thank yous' too.

They received a very cool remote control Hummer, some new 'soft pants' and hoodies (and were excited that they were "twin" outfits), Star Wars figures and a cute sleepover set, Rescue and construction sets, plus dollar bills from Grandma Laurie (always a gift in good taste) and a certificate to redecorate their bedroom with new paint, wall decor etc.


Cara said...

Oh, someone took my idea. When I come home I waned to take each of the boys shopping for their rooms. Each was going to be able to pick decorations, paint, bedding, etc.

Sue said...

Cari - since you can't do the boys room, come do mine!!!

Laurie said...

sorry Cara, that was my idea! but chances are we will still be working on it when you get home!