Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another Finished Project!

Found another mostly finished project while I was digging through the stash bins. I had knit all of the pieces for a zip front jacket in Rowan Denim, from the book "Miss Bea's Seashore". Unfortch, I had neglected to do the bind-off for one armhole and didn't notice till I had sewn the shoulders and knit the collar. So it got thrown in a bag while I decided whether I wanted to rip back to the armholes, which I didn't...

Enter the sewing machine, which I've had set up in my office for a few weeks. I simply sewed a couple of lines of straight stitching where the armhole shaping was supposed to be and cut off the extra fabric. A done deal! I actually still had the sleeves, the zipper, the thread, the needle and the straight pins in the bag, so I was able to sew the whole thing together today. I'm pretty pleased with my zipper installation, it looks decent. I have always tried to machine stitch in zippers, which always ends up looking like crap, so I guess hand sewing is the way to go.

Hmmm, just noticed the stripes aren't lined up quite perfectly across the front. But they are going to stay slightly bockety b/c I don't want to have to take this all apart.

I had intended this little jacket for my buddy Alex, but it's been so long since I started it, I'm not sure it will still fit him. If not, maybe my great niece Tatum will get it, though I KNOW she generally does not wear anything that's not pink or purple. Maybe if I BeDazzle it??
Rowan's Denim yarn is the stuff that shrinks in length when it's washed and is supposed to fade and soften like an old pair of jeans. I sure hope so, cuz it feels a little stiff right now. The ends are terrible to try to weave in, little bits keep poking out, but maybe that is part of the 'worn denim' look?

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Ang said...

I think it looks lovely