Saturday, December 14, 2013


We've been following the TQI (To Quiet Inflammation) Diet for a week. B-Z recommended it after several of her pals had really good results.  My arthritic knee, wrists, toes, etc really needed help so I decided to give it a shot and the Gang came along for the ride. 

One week in:  each of us has lost 9+ pounds, my knee is definitely less painful and we are adjusting to no dairy, red meat, sugar, wheat or artificial ingredients. I miss my half and half in my morning joe but otherwise am enjoying eating a healthy diet (and the kids have promised to put my beloved Taffy Crisp cookies in my grave with me). We are lucky that Katie is a great cook and very inventive. 

Two more weeks on the "elimination" phase, then we slowly start adding foods back to see which ones create inflammation. I'm guessing sugar and booze are my Achilles, so won't be adding those back in any hurry. 

Here's the link for "the diet that's taken Vashon Island by storm" lol.

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