Sunday, December 29, 2013


Two good ones I saw this week:

All is Lost:  if Robert Redford doesn't get an Oscar nom for this, I will be shocked. The only character, with hardly a line of dialogue, he is riveting. Pia and I were both on the edges of our seats the whole movie. Most intense thing I've ever seen that didn't involve clown dolls coming to life. 

Saving Mr. Banks:  charming!  I knew I'd love the actors; Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson, my secret crush Colin Farrell. But I wasn't expecting the story to pull me in. I'm pretty sure "liberties" were taken in the telling, but I loved it anyway. If you don't shed a few tears at the end of this, you're dead inside. 

We're still trying to find enough time to fit in The Hobbit, hopefully New Year's Day.


zaideafraidey said...

I adored Mr. Banks, right about the tear. Brought back so many wonderful M Poppins memories, Hooray for PJ Travers for her unrelenting ways, don't think Disney had that character in mind. A wonderful story liberties or not. Saw American Hustle today, great cast and story.

Laurie said...

American Hustle looks interesting and cray cray! I'm super confused about Her with Joaquin Phoenix. It's getting very good reviews, but so weird.