Saturday, December 28, 2013

TQI Week 3

The "elimination" phase of our diet is over (yay!)  Must say I'm feeling good, and I won't be adding a lot of foods back in to my diet for now.  I am down 11 lbs. since we started, which is great!  I think it's going to take a while to really feel the benefits on my arthritic joints, so will keep going with the diet plan.

I AM adding dairy back into my diet -- this is part of the "testing" phase, where you introduce dairy, wheat, corn and and/or peanuts and observe whether  you are sensitive to any of these "problem" foods.  There's no provision for adding sugar or booze back in lol.  Red meat doesn't seem to be part of the plan either, but I suspect we will add a smidge of that into the weekly food plan.

Today, I am savoring my morning coffee with a splash of half and half.  Fingers crossed that I'm not sensitive to dairy!

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zaideafraidey said...

so proud of you...trying to plan a time to begin in January. Keep up the great work.