Sunday, August 26, 2012

Domestic Goddesses (and God)

We are all about the mad ideas.  Yesterday we decided we wanted to make jam.  Of course, we had NONE of the supplies we needed.  So it was off to the produce stand for raspberries (plus blackberries), the hardware store for jars and all the crap you need for canning, and Shopko (our most hated store, but the only one that's close to us) for more supplies.

We ended up with UNO Attack (way fun!) which was not on the canning supplies list.  And we successfully produced 15 jars of raspberry jam.  Plus a blackberry pie.  And have plans for pickled green beans now that we've tasted canning success.  If Cara doesn't find a job real soon, she'll be pulling a little red wagon through the neighborhood peddling jars of jam :-)

This morning, I had a homemade bagel with homemade raspberry jam.  If only I could talk everyone into making butter, this would be a perfect breakfast.

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