Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday was the big 58 for me.  Funny, I still feel like the same 5 year old inside, it's just the exterior shell that's crumbling...

It was my kind of day :-)  No big foofaraw or glamorous events for Lavs.  Cara, Tony and I headed out to run some errands.  The Pickers got a hunch that we could score big time in Idaho, so we headed over to my regular Post Falls/CdA thrift store route.  And they were right.

I'm training these two in the zen of finding vintage patterns, and they are excellent students.  After an initial shaky start (Pooh Bear was a wee bit leery about entering the possible source of germs.  Cara had a bit of trubs finding good stuff, she kept running into enormous piles of Workbasket magazines), they have proven to be quite the lucky stars for me.  When Tony dons his picking outfit (big old shorts, Walmart Tank Top, floppy brim hat and Sanuk loafers), it's Go Time.

We hit every thrift store in North Idaho, and I came away with piles of stuff to add to my store.  I'm going to be chained to my scanner for the next month.

Anyway, I had a phone call from Peeps, who's in Ellensburg attending a journalism workshop, lots of good wishes from FB friends, and a delish dinner of spareribs, Mimi's potato salad and strawberries & angel food cake.  Plus the gang let me win at UNO.

A perfect birthday.


zaideafraidey said...

scrumptious dinner, happy bday again!!! And I hate the FB wishes, gawd. You know how many "you know your from bothell...comments greet me each day, well, yes I guess you are on the same chain. Hate fb.

Laurie said...

haha I agree. I generally ignore FB but people were awfully nice so I had to post there on my bd.

Have Ry show you how to ignore on FB...

Meg said...

Happy belated birthdays to one of the most beloved people I know. You're the best Auntie in all the land.
True dat.
I hate fb too.