Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seattle Report

I'm here visiting with Mom this week.  Not much exciting to report.  She's chipper!  We did 3 crossword puzzles at one sitting yesterday, including the Sunday New York Times!  My brain was fried by the last clue.  We bought her a new toothbrush because "someone keeps taking" her old one :-)  She had a hissy fit when the line was too slow at the store.  So pretty much life as usual for Lo-bug.

I don't have any big plans for the week, the weather is kind of chilly to take her on any outdoor outings.  But she does love to go places (though she usually wants to leave as soon as we get there), so maybe we will go to the mall or I'll try a museum.  Suggestions welcomed.


Lis said...

Have fun! It is so freaking cold it's hard to leave the house.

Meg said...

Have you killed yourself yet?

Laurie said...

it's getting close. the 90 degree heat may do it for me. Also the purse/glasses losing and searching every 20 minutes is making me want to kill myself