Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm SO Proud of My Sister!

My sister ran for school board, although I have NO idea how she was going to fit this into her already super-busy life.  But that's the B.  She has been going at super-sonic speed since the day she was born.  And if she sees something that needs doing, she plunges right in and gets 'er done.

Selfishly, I'm a tiny bit glad she didn't win the position.  Because that means maybe she will have a few free minutes to spend with me when I come to town.  Northshore's loss, my gain.

B, I am so proud of you and all you do.  You're a fantastic sister, daughter, wife, mom, grandma, friend and citizen.  Your house is always clean and beautifully decorated (ditto on your cabin), your garden is delightful, your gift dept. at work is the BEST in the state, you cook like a dream, you work out EVERY DAY (ok, that one is a little irritating), you are endlessly inventive in dreaming up activities for the babies, and you always have a funny story to tell.  Really, your only weak point is that you like "Survivor". 

I couldn't have gotten a better sister.  And the family is lucky that we'll have more time with you.  Yay for us, too bad so sad for N'shore.

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Meg said...

Heartbreaking really. But I'm with you...I couldn't be happier. Only because I want her every free moment to be with us:). I'm selfish that way. Everything you said about her...oh so true. And you're's northshore's loss.