Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cara Lee!

KATIE: Hey, Cara!
CARA: Hi, little sister.
KATIE: It's your birthday today!!
CARA: Yes, I know.
KATIE: Aren't you excited to be a year older!?
CARA: Um, sure. Don't I look excited?
KATIE: No, not really. LOOK AT ME! I'm bursting with joy over the fact that it's your birthday! Even my doll looks happy!
CARA: I'm smiling! I have a plate of food! What more do you want?
KATIE: I don't know! I guess I want you to come home! I miss my big sister!
CARA: I miss you too.  But I'm a big success here at my job in Virginia, AND moving back across the country is a lot of work.  I had planned to spend my birthday in my pajamas.  See, I'm wearing them now.
KATIE: Oh, all right.  I'll just continue to look up admiringly at my big sis from afar.

Happy birthday, Car-parts!  We miss you so much!


Katie said...

OMG, my fave post ever. Because that is totally still how i look at my big sis. :D

Cara said...

So true on all accounts! I did plan to spend my day in my pj's, but sadly that did not happen! Thanks for all the wishes. I miss you guys soooo much!!! xoxoxo

Meg said...