Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring!

We celebrated the first day of spring by 1. waking up to snow (yuk and double yuk) and by every child's favorite activity, dyeing Easter Eggs!

The Twins are seasoned professionals, and handled those annoying little wire egg dyeing thingies no problem. We found some great dye that doesn't require vinegar, so only had to contend with the odor of hard boiled eggs. But since they are boys, the whole fart thing was great for laughs.

Alex contemplates what color to make his next egg. We had to eat quite a few of them, as Gramma Laurie is not the world's best egg boiler and cracked a few...

Michael took to egg dyeing like a champ! What could be more fun for a 2 year old than getting permission to get your hands all covered with dye!!!?

Riveria led the gang as oldest brother and egg-dyer in chief. We had a grand time and may have a few eggs left for Sunday!

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