Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We So Crafty!

Pia's birthday is coming up.  What do you get the gal who already HAS EVERYTHING!? (except very expensive lenses for her camera -- sorry, P, you're not getting those)

I came up with this sign for her classroom.  She's the advisor/teacher for the Freeman Highlander newspaper.  Which we think should be retitled "The Tattler".  Way better name!  So we took a trip over to Joann to get all the supplies for making her a Tattler Sign.

Which of course took an hour of browsing and about 8 different plans of how to create this wonder.  We finally settled on stick-on letters (note to self: next time, count how many letter T's there are in the packages) and a cute Scotty dog stamp.

Voila!  Perry White has nothing on Ms. L!


Sue said...

LOVE it! now get the red heart and make her a cape! or maybe get her a big cigar at the dollar store - more Perry White-ish (do they even know who PW is????)

Laurie said...

No but you and I do :-)

Sue said...

CONGRATS PIA _for winning the Rose City Yarn Crawl KAL - GRAND PRIZE!!! You Longis need to come rub on me!

Laurie said...


Lis said...

Cute! You could get her a 50mm or 35mm lens for around $100. My favorite lenses ever.