Friday, February 8, 2013

Poor Zaide!

So The B called me last night to report that she is scheduled for ACL surgery next week, due to a cross country skiing mishap. I couldn't get the gory details as I was at a Zags basketball game and it was noisy. So do tell, Zaids. Did you have to crawl back to the cabin or did Ryan pull you on a toboggan? How exactly did you wreck your knee?

Maybe it's time to scale back on the winter sports, what with last year's sledding disaster (jk, but start wearing a helmet at least)

I will be going over to help after the surgery. She's been warned of my 3 Day Rule for nursing care, but says to come anyway

Ps do NOT look at google images of ACL surgery

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zaideafraidey said...

oh god, just what my sorry legs need, scars and bumps. I will be sure not to have them be this hairy pre-surgery. I will give full story soon, just know I hate those effing snow mobilers..grrrr.