Monday, September 3, 2012

Pass Out In The Park

Cara says it's "too soon" to blog about this, but nah...

So we had big plans yesterday!  We had tickets to go see Bonnie Raitt, and stopped by our local Labor Day eat-o-rama, "Pig Out in the Park".  Cara had been feeling a bit under the weather all weekend, and the idea of eating greasy food surrounded by hundreds of hot, sweaty Spokanites is her idea of a nightmare, but she agreed to come along.

Not a good idea.  We were sitting in the Beer Garden eating our various meals when she started to turn a very delicate shade of ashy white/green.  She put her head down on the table for a few minutes, then decided she needed to go home.  Or puke.  We agreed home was the better plan.

So Katie & Tony proceeded to head to the car, followed by a pale shaky Cara.  20 feet from our table, they heard a "thunk" and turned around to see Cara passed out on the ground.

Pia and I heard a big commotion and recognized Car's legs sticking out from under a table so we dashed over.  Nurse Katie was trying to do "triage" (she does NOT DO TRIAGE) and fend off the drunk lady who was trying to pet Cara.

Two very nice police officers arrived and we explained that no, Cara hadn't just drunk 20 beers and passed out, but was indeed ill.  While T&K went to retrieve the car, they walked us over to the edge of the park and waited with us.  Officer Cutie #1 sat on one side of Car so if she passed out again she wouldn't hit her head on the rocks.  Officer Cutie #2 grilled us on exactly where we ate, so he could cross it off his list of food booths :-)  We had a bit more excitement when a little girl who was passing by reached out for Cutie #1's gun in his belt.  Her terrified dad explained at great length that this was not okay.  Cutie #2 got a chuckle out of it, saying "I had your back, but she didn't look like much of a threat".

We got our poor sickie home and she's fine today.  But swearing off Pig Out FOREVER.


Meg said...

Poor Car! One time I was FOS (first on the scene) of a man hit by a car. I panicked...and did a babinski test on him. He may have been bleeding to death, but his reflexes were spot on.

Laurie said...

no idea what a Babinski test is. Maybe that's what the drunk lady was doing on you Car.

Katie said...

LOL @ Meg - such a good PICU nurse you are. :)

and glad Car is feeling better! Clearly any possible future with me as an ER nurse is no longer going to be an issue...