Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Hibernating Project

Notes to Self:

1. don't knit a hat that requires one to have any sense of spatial relations.  The half twist baffled me for 2 years.

2. Don't wait 2 years to finish a project that needs another ball of yarn.  The LYS may have changed ownership and no longer carries said yarn.

Those obstacles aside, Cara shamed me into picking up and finishing this long-hibernating project (new knitters are SO annoying, they have no WIPS of their own to languish)

I now have most of a 2nd skein of this yarn, as I was about 40 yards short of completing the hat and had to purchase a 2nd skein.

LOVE this yarn (Malabrigo), so great for hats, so soft and not itchy at all.  I think Car is snatching this one from me.


Sue said...

what a great motivator! send her over!

zaideafraidey said...

very cute, and love the non itchy part.

Meg said...