Sunday, June 17, 2012

On The Road

Tony and I (plus Lois and Walter, the wonder dogs) are headed back to the Great NW with a trailer of stuff.  Cara will be following shortly, yay!

We are currently in lovely Dayton, Ohio.  We have a long day of driving (and by we, I mean Pooh Bear) and should end up in Sioux Falls SD tonight.

I have managed to hit a few thrift stores en route in my never-ending search for inventory for my store.  Nothing much thus far.  I'm hoping that the Midwest will be full of knitting & crochet treasures from Grandma's attic.

Walt spent a lot of time last night barking at his reflection in the full length mirror.  Idiot.


Katie said...

haha oh Walt. i think the gray hair threw him, he still thinks he's a young man...

can't wait for you to get here!!! :D

Lis said...

Walter the idiot. Hilarious. Enjoy your road trip! I can't imagine anythinng worse. :-)