Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh South Dakota, I Love You

We finally rolled into Billings MT, after a marathon day of driving.  Pooh Bear is the champ driver, and we've maintained our trip goal of never having to back the truck/trailer up (well, almost never. A bad parking lot our first night spoiled our perfect record)

South Dakota didn't get the memo about highway beautification.  So every 20 feet along the freeway there is a super cheesy billboard for one of the numerous "attractions" the state has to offer bored tourists.  Including the "World's Largest Bull Head" pictured here (you can't see it, but there's also the World's Largest Hammer plus some other randoms)

Of course, Wall Drug advertises every 10 feet, but we opted not to stop.  We're saving ourselves for The 10,000 Silver Dollar tourist trap in Montana. 

I don't actually understand the plethora of "Mystery Caves", "Reptile Farms", petting zoos etc.  The state just has to be loaded with historical sites, dinosaur bones, geology and more.  But none of those places get so much as a hand-lettered sign. 

I take that back; the Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie author) got a small brown sign.  Pooh didn't even slow down.


Katie said...

world's largest bulls head! you didn't stop for a picture?!?! boo. it would have gone great with World's Largest Cowboy Boots. :D

Laurie said...

I will photoshop myself in a la Gary on Veep.

Lis said...

I loved LHP. That would have definitely been stop-worthy.