Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm An Author!

My first Piecework article is published, and I'm thrilled to bits!

Promise me all of you will move the July/August issue of Piecework up to the front of the magazine rack every time you go to the grocery store and book store :-)

I'm hoping the Historic Knitting Group on Ravelry will be kind in their comments.  I've already begged them to go easy on me.


Sue said...

Now you really ARE famous! Congrats!

Lis said...

That's awesome. Congrats!

zaideafraidey said...

you will have to share the revelry comments, as I would most likely not subscribe to any tomes they would peruse.

Meg said...

You're awesome Lavs. Kind of a big timer. Good for you. We are all very proud:).