Sunday, February 26, 2012


P, Katie & I are winding down from our Oscars viewing "party".  And when I say party, I mean lorca-ing in the living room and tearing open a bag of pretzels (did we remember to eat pretzels?)

Yay, The Artist won the big awards!  Do go see this movie if you ignored my recommend the first time, it's so sweet and funny and just a great movie.

I am SURE I spotted J-Lo with a nip slip when she was presenting, so that was fun.  We really wish Melissa McCarthy would quit "helping" design her award show gowns and turn to Octavia Spencer's team for help in looking fab.  I really love Cloons, but isn't it time for him to dump the lady wrestler?  I really don't love her.

Oh, and the cast of "Best in Show" doing the Wizard of Oz focus group?  Loved it.  Please Christopher Guest!  Get these folks back in front of the camera.  You've been lazy long enough.

I didn't manage to see War Horse or Extremely Loud, so those will have to wait for Redbox.  But it was a pretty good Oscar year.

Oh, and one last Lavs moment.  I thought the singer with the big afro who sang "What a Wonderful World" during the dead people montage was one of the dead people.  Until I realized she was actually there in the theater, alive and singing. 


Unknown said...

That last one was my favorite moment of the night. You do know how to make us laugh mom!

Sue said...

you are such a dork . . . and J'Lo just wanted us to admire her Golden Globe(s)

zaideafraidey said...

totally agree, that was some halo of hair. Loved that Billy Crystal was back and seeing that I was bsitting Carsie and Hads am glad that I taped. Took mom to the movies day of in celebration, NOT a good idea (oh well 1 1/2 hours!!)

Laurie said...

oh rats that Mimi can't sit through a movie. You'd think that feeding her popcorn and Red Vines for an hour and a half would keep her happy. It works for me.

I'm a little torn on the Billy Crystal hosting. He was pretty good in parts, real corny in others. And his frozen botox face scares me.