Monday, February 13, 2012

Bieber Fever 2012

I noticed that Little Miss Hadley has been wearing a Justin Bieber shirt in all the pictures her mom has taken of her the last few weeks.  Plus she told Katie & I that her nickname is now "Selena".

So when I found matching Biebs shirts for her and her Bitty Baby doll, well I had to get them.  Even if they make all of us adults recoil in horror.  She's going to love them.


Unknown said...

She is going to go insane!

Lis said...

Hilarious. And horrible!

Meg said...

OMG!!! You sent this to me on my phone and I totally forgot. Hadley reminds me that I am not allowed to text and drive. Anyway, this amazing. The Queen of Bad Taste will LOVE it!!! Her party is St. Patty's Day weekend if you guys are heading over. It's a very fancy tea party. Emphasis on 'fancy'. Anyhoo, she is going to flip her little lid when she sees this.