Saturday, March 19, 2011

That Was Painful

Ouch.  Our men's team just got "Jimmered" by BYU in the NCAA tournament.  Man, I hate that guy.  But he sure can put the ball in the basket.  And we evidently forgot how to do that.

Oh, well.  Back in December no one thought the Zags would even GET to the tournament, so we should be proud that they worked their way out of what looked like a horrible season.  And the women's team is still in!

Can't quite bring myself to cheer for the Huskies...and I'm definitely hoping someone squashes BYU real real bad.


Cara said...

agreed. fucking zags

Katie said...

fucking Jimmer. oh well. here's hoping the women can make up for it! and i'm rooting Notre Dame from here on out... (don't ask why)