Sunday, March 20, 2011

Royals Fever!

I heart the Royal Family.  Like you wouldn't believe.  Don't ask why, they are even nuttier than my own family (maybe that's why I love em so much).  So of course I'm on pins and needles waiting for the Royal Wedding aka the Most Important Event of This Decade.

So I was thrilled to pieces to find this book (thanks Katie!), and so wanted to knit my complete Wedding Party, including the corgis, before The Big Day.  But the book isn't available yet in the US, and I'm poor, so having it mailed from the UK wasn't in the budget.

You will understand how very much I love the Royal Fam when I tell you that I overcame my revulsion at the idea of reading a book on my Blackberry when I found that I could buy it on Amazon for Kindle for eight bucks and download it today!  Hoorah!

I'm off to find yarn and needles to start knitting.  I'll be having a tea party and re-enacting the wedding with my little dollies on the big day!


Katie said...

yay! SO excited. but, um, could you please NOT make that creepy priest in the background? he's scary.

Sue said...

I am only making wills and kate -and sending 'em back to england (hopefully before the big day)

Cara said...


zaideafraidey said...

I love your exhuberance.